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Everyone wants to restore a proven safe climate for our children— one that humans have actually survived long-term. Nature has done it and we will do it too when we commit to it.

The Climate Restoration Fund funds the critical Climate Restoration programs that will restore a historically safe climate for our children by 2050.

Climate Restoration Safety & Governance

Our team has been incubating a new organization since 2022 - The Climate Restoration Saftey & Governance Board ( - a non-profit organization formed to ensure that climate restoration projects are safe, legal, effective, transparent, and achieve wide ethical consensus.
The Climate Restoration Saftey & Governance Board (CRSGB) is an interim, transitional body providing initial review and certification of projects capable of making a significant impact towards restoring global CO2 and methane to pre-industrial levels.
The CRSGB will review, recommend revisions, and certify the project with technical input from scientists, safety experts, and environmental lawyers, along with ethical input from indigenous groups, faith leaders, youth, and other stakeholders.
The CRSGB will then maintain monitoring throughout the project’s lifetime to ensure safety, efficacy, and legal compliance.

Program Partners:

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The Grandparents Fund for Climate Restoration is a US-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization EIN: 93-2872908. Donations are tax-deductible where applicable.

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